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How SEO Evolved Over The Years

How SEO Evolved Over The Years

  • Posted OnMay 4, 2016

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  • Written By Vandana Verma

SEO better known as Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy containing formulae and mantras. It’s used for Internet Marketing, a digital necessity. Only the most enlightened in the Internet industry understood SEO’s relevance in its early phases.

With the onset of social media, marketing has grown to a whole new level. Some consider SEO, the term, dead, but is it really? No. Though some conventional SEO methods are no longer in use, over the years, the term ‘SEO evolution’ is prominent.

Old & New

The numbers of websites are growing at a rapid phase. Initial search engines like Excite performed well as it provided content based on a single keyword. But as more websites and content arrived, focus on single-word keyword had to cease. Later in 1994 and 1997, Yahoo and Google arrived to become the major players in search engine field. Marketers included spammed backlinks, keyword stuffing, and excessive tagging to generate rankings. Later, when Google emerged as the colossal search machine, many guidelines were and still are dictated by Google.

Let us examine the old & new SEO briefly.

Old: The old system focused more on page and ranking with a singular keyword. Almost 70% of traffic came from long tail keywords. The content created was solely made for the search engine and quality was given the least importance. Many backlinks often spammed were created.

Google had an immense flow of traffic once the tech giant took charge. It changes its algorithm almost 600 times per year to accommodate trends. If the marketers don’t grasp the new updates, they are likely to lose the game.

New: Return-on-investment is a huge parameter these days. Instead of single keyword, user data surfing/user experience, “How people connect with particular services, brands and products” is given stress. Also, with a cluster of websites and links available, authenticated content is the need of the hour. How links, descriptions and content perform is a key today. Social media plays a big role here. The content provided gives a real sense to the audience as quality is given utmost importance. Quality backlinks are prominent as focus is really into relationship building.

Today’s SEO marketing is clearly based on reality rather than the old system where emphasis was just in creating content. For e.g. today if you want to search for the best washing powder, the results will clearly direct you to the pages which are most accurate.

It is because ratings, comments and views shared on the internet influence website rankings. Online activities play a role here. And surely, multiple keyword integration has taken place to provide better results. Searching is way faster and smooth because of appropriate information.

Marketing gods and goddesses have divided the SEO evolution phases into 5. Phase 1: New Signs (1991-2002), Phase 2: Early Period (2003-2005), Phase 3: Middle Ages (2006-2009), Phase 4: Enlightenment Phase (2010-2012), Phase 5: Modern (2013-Present).

Today however, Mobiles have become the new device for media consumption. Focus must clearly be directed to optimizing the experience. Without such optimization, websites have lost search visibility. However, privacy risk shall be mentioned here. Google’s dictatorship has led to it using the user data to increase its presence by showing results based on cookies, history, location etc.

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