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The Most Used Web Design Trends From 2014

The Most Used Web Design Trends From 2014

  • Posted OnOctober 5, 2015

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These days, the design of any website is either based on emulation or the zeitgeist of any given era. It would not be wrong to say that whatever styles and web designing techniques that we are seeing are influenced by some or the other website in the industry. The result of this is the emergence of commonalities.

Although they have proliferated across the web, a few of the web design trends have bored us to death and are definitely over staying their welcome. We take a look at some of the most overused web design trends in the year 2014.


Sliders became a novelty because they were space savers and could display multiple chunks of content at once. What killed this trend brutally was people’s problem of only thinking that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and leaving the other part, which is, imitation is also the godfather of the arch-nemesis of innovation, completely unnoticed.

Typographic Fonts

This trend was followed so avidly that it led to the popularity of an anti-trend.

Auto play Videos and Unwanted Pop-ups

These two are the most annoying designing trends. Having a video on the website is a great way to boost user-engagement, but playing it automatically is most certainly not. Similarly, if you are encouraging a visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or join you on Facebook through a pop-up, all it will do is cause major annoyance.

Full Screen Photography

The problem of ubiquity, yet again! One simply cannot deny that full screen photography is indeed capable of grabbing the visitors’ attention, but it can take people and their website only so far!

Parallax Scrolling

It feels like that this trend will only become passé after choking us to death! There is no problem in this trend other than it being overdone.

Stock Photos

This trend could indeed win the first position in the contest of most ubiquitous web design trends of all time. Countless number of websites use the same old type of images by the courtesy of Shutter stock to convey their message.

Bizarre Loading Screens

The trend was not worthy enough in the first place. If your site is taking time to load and you are highlighting it, then it would do no good to you. You website should not take time to load in this day and age otherwise the visitors would leave sooner than you can imagine. They visit your website in search of useful and valuable content and not for amusing themselves. So make sure that your website doesn’t take more than 4 seconds to load.

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