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Digital Marketing Tips for Startups -

Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Actualizing a venture is an exhilarating experience. Adding to the trouble are the expeditious marketing solutions that are not only vital for your startup but also require massive funding. Frankly speaking, most of these bootstrapped startups operate on a miniscule budget and it’s not possible for them to shell out hefty sums to invest into digital marketing. And a vast majority of these entrepreneurs have little to no digital expertise. As it so happens, many a venture withers and succumbs to these dangerous contradictions.

So, what’s an entrepreneur supposed to do? How do these startups get their brand in front of as many people as possible? How do they resonate with people? And how do they drive results?

In a world full of intangibles and endless competition, branding is everything. And being a digital marketing agency, we’ve worked with umpteen startups. We understand how cash is endangered and how important it is to gain traction during the commencing months. Our tried and tested approach is summarized below and would help you make it big in the online world.


Perhaps the most important step is correct positioning. Just how you sharpen your battle axes before a war embarks, correct positioning is critical is a great help starting out successfully. Before you delve further, you have to introspect and conduct some research activities for a solid foundation.

  • Choosing The Market: As an entrepreneur, you eat and breathe your product. The whole world doesn’t. Only a meager portion would be interested in what you plan on offering. Identify a niche market and target accordingly.
  • Defining Keywords: Create a list of phrases that you feel are highly relevant to your brand. Out of that list, decide the core keywords and use them for social media, blog posts and not to mention, your website.

Social Media

It is one of the most popular ways for promotion and reaching the influencers. It’s a great platform to voice your opinions and your brand’s values and an easy, cost-effective medium for promotion and customer service

  • Choosing The Right Medium: You don’t have to master each network and neither do you have to market though a particular medium simply because the competition is doing so; competitors can be wrong. Every network functions differently. Facebook is a great medium to share visuals among your existing customers and the folks at twitter respond well to links, for e.g. links to your blog posts.
  • Be Frequent: Make sure that you post regularly and that your posts do not deviate from your brand’s message. All your posts must share a uniform identity or a theme that acts as the gist to your business.


Content could easily be the most overlooked investment while launching a startup. It’s the most effective tool to convey your brand’s message. It can be a bit daunting if you’re not so great writers.

  • Topic List: As we wrote above, core keywords should be used to formulate topic list for your blogs. Revolving around the set keywords, these blogs would be SEO friendly and would build your venture’s credibility with Google and other search engines. Employ the keywords in your titles and rest of the content, but, make sure it doesn’t feel unnatural.
  • What Message Do You Deliver: It isn’t about throwing posts against the wall and seeing what sticks. Conduct industry-specific researches and keep your target market in mind.

Running a startup on a shoestring budget is complex. While some failed due to lack of resources and ideas, some fizzled because they failed to generate awareness.

At FSC India, we help brands capitalize on effective digital marketing strategies while keeping the costs low. We have designed vigorous digital marketing packages for startups that would help them build a solid foundation across the World Wide Web. Give your startup a head-start with FSC Pvt Ltd.

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