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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Twitter Marketing

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Twitter with over 270 million users is been around for a while now, but there are still many doubt and fears about social networking platform.

Despite the fact that the social media platform is consistently maintaining its position as a leading platform where more and more news coverage, celebrity confessions, media scandals, and public debates take place on regular basis still businesses and professional marketers prefer to stay away from it and they prefer to invest energy and time on other social media platforms.

To a certain extent, this outcome of widespread belief is amongst the beginner internet users. They believe that Twitter, unlike Instagram and Facebook, has a specific appeal that attracts only a particular type of users to it.

Here are a few of the doubt that about the Twitter Marketing Strategy among internet users:

Doubt #1.  Playing game of following and unfollow is the best way to gain followers.

Many businesses and professional marketers who haven’t used twitter have misconceptions in their minds that on twitter it is important to follow who follows you. However, there is no such compulsion or otherwise to follow all your followers. You are free to make the decision whether to or not to follow.

Doubt #2. To be more popular, you need to keep tweeting.

 This myth about excessive tweeting is not just wrong, but it is probably useless for anyone who’s trying to gain real traction. Maintaining a standard and balanced rate of tweeting will help in optimizing the reach. Even if you neglect your handler for days and then randomly post back to back tweets in every other hour, you may land up your twitter in the dark. In fact, there are so many online tools that can be used for maintaining tweet frequency.

Doubt #3. Twitter in first interaction turns the follower into a lead.

In most cases, Twitter drives direct sales but in few cases it becomes annoying. But for professional’s marketers and businesses, Twitter is the most preferred information-sharing platform as they try to use it for direct marketing which costs them followers in order to gain sales or leads.

Doubt #4: Twitter marketing is time-consuming.

It’s true and it’s not 100% myth. Managing twitter takes efforts and time as nothing will come up if not done effectively. Sometimes it’s not about the platform it is about the managing team that is looking after it.

There are many Twitter Advertising Company and Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi that don’t frame proper strategies which is why it gets time-consuming.

Futuristic Simplified Computing (FSC) Private Limited is one of the popular names when it comes to social media marketing service in the industry as we provide the highest quality service at the best prices.






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