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Engage Your Customers With 5 Easy Steps -

Engage Your Customers With 5 Easy Steps


A company offers and the customer chooses. That’s how the two interact. These on-going interactions later bloom into relationships and are the basis of customer engagement. Simple on the surface, such interactions build up to customer engagement and are no longer just isolated company functions. With customers’ sentiments gushing through the social media, it becomes imperative to engage customers with valuable and engaging material, for their sentiments have the potential to tarnish the brands’ image.

The question, however, is how do you create such multi-platform, cross-media interactions in order to engage more customers and fill them with loyalty. Keeping it in mind, here are some actionable strategies that would help you with it:

1. Create Genuine Content: Business, at its core, is human and the customers want it to possess the same genuine values that humans do. Stop thinking like a disloyal salesman and consider yourself to be your reader’s mentor. Everything boils down to authenticity. Simply put, your content:
# Shouldn’t be deceiving
# Should educate and inspire

2. Consistent Customer Service: As stated by Tony Alessandra, ‘‘Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game’’. Service wins the game. Good customer service makes for a flourishing business and allows the brand to stay in contact with its customers. Perhaps, the best thing you can do is to over deliver in service.

3. Get Involved: This isn’t as much about entertaining them but about helping them. Customers crave attention, have queries, need information on upcoming products and have issues with their existing stuffs. Answer their questions and queries, and always be available to your customers. Try and be positive in your responses and whenever possible, share your opinions as well. Such mutual interactions help in developing meaningful and fruitful relationships. Live chat over the website acts as a wonderful channel for effective communication.

4. Contests And Events: It’s a really good way to get the audience engaged. It also lets you build a social media following, attracting a lot of traffic. Incentives in the forms of cash, goodies, or even recognition deliver a lot of value to your customers. It also stimulates a fun and positive environment and encourages the customers to have positive conversations among themselves.

5. Let Your Customers Know They Are Loved: A highly valuable practice is to let your customers know how much they are adored and how valuable their inputs and time are. ‘Thank You’ emails and free offers go a long way. Gift cards, free credit, and discounts show your appreciation. You can further try and be a little more creative with your offerings and provide them an experience that’s not just positive but also memorable.

Engaged customers spend more, buy more and come back more often than their uninterested counterparts. The trick is to offer more than what your customers expect. Everyone loves surprises, don’t they?

At FSC, we help our clients connect to customers, and turn them into brand devotees. Our experience and expertise can be leveraged to engage customers in real-time.

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