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How to Generate Content for Click through Rate in 5 Easy Steps

How to Generate Content for Click through Rate in 5 Easy Steps

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Let us suppose, for a while that you sell Chocolates. Very Well. To cater to a worldwide clientele and to increase profits, you sell it online as well. To this effect, you have created a website. Super. These are visionary business-minded decisions. But, the world also needs to know that: you are there and you sell chocolates.  Now, this stands true for any and all of the products and services available on the internet. Thus, you need quality content marketing online to advertise yourself, your brand, your product, and services well.

First and foremost, Google Is the King of Internet times. So, if you want to be seen, you are required to be searched and found easily on Google. The best and easiest way forward is through the PPC or the Pay Per Click advertisements.

To register, you require a ‘Google Adwords’ account. Create a small, but effective advertisement. Select Keywords that you would like to be found with and post with Google. You pay for each click your website receives through this Google advertisement.


Mathematically, CTR is the percentage of clicks received by your Google advertisement on the number of times it was viewed. If it was viewed 100 times, and 5 viewers clicked to check out your website, your CTR is 5%. Simply stating it basically measures the affectivity of your Google Online Marketing campaign.

Statistically, anything above a 2% rate is termed as a good CTR, in terms of Search Ads.

Futuristic Simplified Computing is a digital content marketing company that has been creating campaigns with significantly high CTR’s for both Search Ads as well as Display ads. Five general steps to inculcate in your website content strategy for higher page traffic and ROI are:

  1. HEAD THE HEADLINE WAY: No points for guessing, they are the first thing that your viewer sees when they look at your advertisement. Thus, it needs to be pretty attractive. Ideally stating, it should be short, crisp, to the point, providing all the necessary details. Over and above all this it should be able to pique the interest of the user towards your website.
  2. EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT: Now this is a simple trick that goes a long way in affectivity for each marketer. The basic behind this concept is that your intended clients are humans, with normal tendencies and psychology. Analyze the related emotional quotient to your product and services and then create the overall content for your campaign. This will escalate your viewership to a new level.
  3. SEO CONTENT MARKETING: No amount of words can stress this enough. You need to optimize all your pages with appropriate content, tags, keywords, and meta-tags. Even your images should be SEO-friendly with appropriate tags and alt-texts.
  4. RICH SNIPPETS: Specific Contents with a high concentration of Searchable-Keywords are called Rich Snippets. They make your pages much more easily searchable for the Google Bots. Thus, they should be ideally included in your content.
  5. ZEROTH POSITION: If your website inculcates content that straightaway answers some of the searched questions on Google, it may end up at its Zeroth position. It is known to gather maximum clicks and CTR rates.






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