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Mobile Friendly E-Commerce Portal Checklist 2016

Are you really fond of stimulating traffic on your websites? Now days, it has become really important to keep updating your websites with a lot of wealthy and fruitful information so that the consumers do capitalize on it. The regular updation of the websites on timely basis gives the digital marketers a chance to visit your website and gain interest in the product. Make sure that your e-commerce website is mobile optimized as most of the people (more than 75%) make purchases through their mobile phones.

The most interesting step while searching anything on the mobile phones or even desktops/laptops is the look and feel of the website. One of the important checklists for the mobile website to be launched is that the mobile optimized design should be mobile friendly and must be quality assured. There are different strategies introduced through which chances become higher for the mobile e-commerce websites to get launched in the real world. Some of them are as under:
1. Use of Keywords – The first and the foremost thing that comes into the minds of the consumers while searching the content on website is the keywords. The important keywords should be covered during the first phase of writing so that it becomes easy to search the related material. Try to make use of the keywords with the help of hyperlinks for stimulating more traffic on your websites.
2. Website SiteMap – As the contents on the start of the book/novel helps the user easily find the page, similarly site-map with different links help navigate easily for the web pages on the mobile website the user is looking for.
3. Social Media – Promotion of the websites, blogs, forums, etc. comes through linking online communities in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
4. Email Signatures – The customers get in touch with the owner of the website through the designated signature format used at the end of the emails.
5. Advertisements – Make your website popular through advertisements, pay per click ads, etc. keeping the worthy content and material upto date.

The portal checklists created for the mobile friendly websites should be appropriate in terms of context, fonts, images, tools used, etc. The checklists created should be well monitored by the network administrators and the availability of the page should be ensured. Most visited pages should not get crashed or hanged as 80% of the people access the e-commerce websites through mobile phones. The proper backup of the website should be maintained for the times when the server goes down. Also, if your website is e-commerce and supports mobile platforms, make sure there should be a valid and secured certificate for the same.

It becomes very important for the mobile friendly e-commerce websites and other related websites to find the integrated content management systems (CMS) for making change to the websites in the future with updated features. As noticed in this 21st century, there are many stand-alone websites that are mobile friendly and assure that everything is mobile optimized and compatible on every type of device (smart-phones).

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