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PM’s Vision Of A Digital India

PM’s Vision Of A Digital India

The changing times require for a change in outlook. In a world where internet and digital media is ruling the roost, our esteemed Prime Minister who is hailed as a visionary has launched a plan known as ‘Digital India’. The campaign launched by Shri Narendra Modi on 2nd July 2015 ensures that all govt. services are made available to its citizens online.

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Facebook: An Influential Marketing Tool

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Social media has undoubtedly proven itself to be a powerful medium in connecting people from all over the world and no one rules the world of social media better than facebook. It has everyone hooked, line and sinker. Chances are you would skip your morning tea or coffee but never miss out on checking your facebook page.

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Difference Between SEO and SMO

Difference Between SEO & SMO

Change in scenario has enforced alteration in the methods of marketing for all kinds of businesses. Since the customer is now digitally more involved, marketing has gone digital too. The consistently increasing user numbers on online sales companies namely Amazon, or Flipkart validate this fact that people are more interested in investing their money where they are serviced well and provided with overwhelming number of options to choose from.

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How Effective Branding Is Synonymous To A Successful Company


These golden words by the Editor-In-Chief of Forbes, resonates with every successful business enterprise. We all know that we live in a highly competitive era, where the market is flooded by similar and quality products. The only way to stand out in this scenario is by being a recognizable face.

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Viewing Your Favorite Websites Can Be Your Ticket To Jail


Most of us are well aware, that the Indian Government kicked off the second quarter of this year by imposing several bans on popular websites. Many received this rude shock, not via news feed but by their inability to load frequently visited sites, generally used for downloading movies and music.

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