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How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search


The past few years we have witnessed a rise in the number of mobile users quite drastically. Instead of PC’s people these days make us of their Smartphone and tab to browse any website. This lead to business owners focusing more on making websites that are optimized for all kinds of screens and devices.

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Google Adwords Vs Google Adwords Express


Digital marketing is all about great visibility, catching the eye of the prospective consumer and getting good traffic on your webpage. The means the methods may vary but the goal is always the same. Two such popular advertising methods to connect with the audience and help showcase your product are Google AdWords and Google AdWords express.

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How To Optimize Your Website For Google Search Box

Google Answer Box, Google Search Box

The Google search box is a powerful tool at the disposal of website owner and digital marketing experts. The search box appears in the results when you search for anything on Google, it allows users to search files, URLs, and contacts on their computer, as well as performing actions on the results.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A WordPress Theme – II


Last time we talked of how wordpress is no more just a blog creating platform but is vastly popular amongst users as a preferable site for making websites. Also it provides its users with an array of themes and plugins which though brilliant can leave one scratching their head while trying to choose a theme for their website. So we had compiled a list of points that need to be kept in mind while choosing a theme and here are the remaining few points that the previous blog didn’t cover.

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