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PM's Vision Of A Digital India -

PM’s Vision Of A Digital India

PM’s Vision Of A Digital India

The changing times require for a change in outlook. In a world where internet and digital media is ruling the roost, our esteemed Prime Minister who is hailed as a visionary has launched a plan known as ‘Digital India’. The campaign launched by Shri Narendra Modi on 2nd July 2015 ensures that all govt. services are made available to its citizens online. It calls for inclusive growth in areas of electronic services and a digitalized India where the citizens are empowered with knowledge and tools. The digital empowerment of citizens is one of the important components of this campaign along with Governance & Services on Demand and Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen.

Digital media is expanding at a great rate and social media marketing, itself played a vital role in the majority win of Modi at the 2014 elections. The campaign, launched after his win is backed by an impressive vision where the Govt. of India plans to connect 1.2 billion Indians and provide them access to all information. It calls for a transparency in the governance, where the people are always aware of what is happening and their views not just count but are included in every action taken by the Govt. Instead of standing in long lines and writing endless letters, citizen can now proactively connect with the govt in an easier and far more efficient way.

This step has indeed been a boost to social media companies and digital media companies in India. From the time of its inception until now, a lot has been done for further development of this idea. The Prime Minister himself is pretty active on the social circuit which is a refreshing change from his previous counterparts. Mr Modi has quite innovatively coined the term Netizen, which stands for a digitally empowered citizen. ‘Digital India’ has come a long way in a short time and the credit goes to the man who effectively used social media marketing to make #Namo a household name.

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