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How SEO Evolved Over The Years

  • Posted On :May 4, 2016

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  • Written By : Vandana Verma

SEO better known as Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy containing formulae and mantras. It’s used for Internet Marketing, a digital necessity. Only the most enlightened in the Internet industry understood SEO’s relevance in its early phases. With the onset of social media, marketing has grown to a whole new level. Some consider … Continue reading “How SEO Evolved Over The Years”

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Digital Marketing Agency FSC’s SEO Checklist – II

SEO Plugin For WordPress: If your site is a WordPress one, upload and install the YOAST plugin. The plugin would improve SEO on several aspects and make it easier. It also helps you choose a focus keyword, and ensures that it is used everywhere. Website Loading Speed: There are several online tools that check a … Continue reading “Digital Marketing Agency FSC’s SEO Checklist – II”

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