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Expedite The Process Of A Website’s Front-End Development With Harp

  • Posted On :May 9, 2015

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  • Written By : Shabana Gandhi

Harp is a static web server with inbuilt preprocessors for CSS. Running on Node.js, Harp is cross-platform compatible unlike Hammer which is only meant for Mac. It includes the templating languages for HTML document and can be turned into a full application by using server-side JavaScript. If one is not a programmer, they can build … Continue reading “Expedite The Process Of A Website’s Front-End Development With Harp”

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Merits Of Having An Online Store

Hope you are doing great in your local business with your physical and tangible stores/outlets. But now is the time when you take a step forward to enhance your sales and the business, after all there is always some room for improvement. The step forward would be to take your business online by creating an … Continue reading “Merits Of Having An Online Store”

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