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Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A WordPress Theme - II -

Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A WordPress Theme – II


Last time we talked of how wordpress is no more just a blog creating platform but is vastly popular amongst users as a preferable site for making websites. Also it provides its users with an array of themes and plugins which though brilliant can leave one scratching their head while trying to choose a theme for their website. So we had compiled a list of points that need to be kept in mind while choosing a theme and here are the remaining few points that the previous blog didn’t cover:

Choose your page builder with care:
WordPress page builder are WordPress plugins that are used to customize page layouts by the use of drag and drop interface. A lot of premium WordPress theme have pre installed page builder that produce unnecessary codes and require a lot of cleaning if you ever plan to switch themes. In such a case you can either purchase a page builder separately or you can use a theme that is sitting well with one of the most used most used page builder plugins.

Plugins are the real power source:
Plugins are actually the real power house of WordPress , they are the ones that help you do anything with your WordPress site. This is why you must carefully select a theme that supports all powerful plugins such as Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, and Gravity Forms etc

Be Multilingual:
Now it’s understandable that you don’t speak or understand many languages but the users of WordPress platform do. This makes it important for you to have a theme that is translation ready and multilingual.

Be SEO friendly:
While looking for a suitable theme for your site make sure that the page generates proper HTML as poorly coded HTML could affect your sites performance . Many premium theme developers will inform you about their page and it being optimized for SEO. You can also make use of certain online tools to check if a page produces proper HTMLs.

At FSC Private Limited we keep the above points and many other tricks of the trade in use while creating websites and using WordPress themes. Feel free to drop down a query and enquire about website development.

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