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Optimize Your Website With Voice – Activated Search

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Google Voice Search SEO is gaining huge popularity amongst the millennials. Voice search enables you to search with your hands occupied which makes it much more tempting considering we all love to multitask. But what does that means for the SEO?

With voice search results getting better and better, it is very important that your website doesn’t fall behind. With Voice Search’s increasing popularity, it is drastically changing the keywords that we use to search for any particular product or service.

The shift from PC to Mobile has shown its effect on the keywords already and your business has to match the pace at which these changes are happening. So Voice Search Optimization is a must for your website if you want to stay in the market.

Evolution of Voice Search SEO

According to recent PWC reports, as high as 71% of respondents prefer to voice search rather than typing the words on their smartphone. This stat paints a clear picture of how voice search will drastically change the SERP responses.

With Voice search, the keywords used by the websites to rank on top of the SERP will change. The voice search will definitely change the way keywords are used and rank. According to SEO Expert Jenny Halasz,

“While voice search is certainly the future of how we will do most searches, there’s not really too much you can do to optimize for it that is different than regular SEO optimization,”.

“Because Google’s goal will always be to return the best result based on the person, location, and history, it’s hard to guess exactly what the right answer for a query will be.”

Whether you want to go for Voice Search SEO or not is your call but if you want to be a step ahead of your competitors then you should hire FSC Pvt. Ltd. to take care of your Voice Search SEO.

Futuristic Simplified Computing is a Search Engine Optimization Agency India and apparently the best digital marketing company in Delhi. This SEO Agency in Delhi has what it takes to rank your website on the top page of the SERP.

In the end, it is quite debatable how much Voice Search SEO will impact on your website’s rank but it will definitely be a step up and will help you keep up with the advancements in SEO.

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