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What Is A Microsite & Why Do You Need One?

What is a ‘microsite’?
A microsite is best described as a single or small collection of web pages that work as a separate entity from a brand’s full website. Usually, the landing page of microsites have their own domain names, though some do exist as subdomains.
One of such examples is the format, seen in the microsite ‘Coca-Cola’ is the domain, while ‘TasteTheFeeling’, the subdomain, is a campaign.

Now that you know what a microsite is, why do you need one?
Well, because they are effective and help brands or entities in more ways than one!
1. They are often used to highlight marketing campaigns. Users can be converted to leads, or buyers, through interaction with the brand. Take for example, Nike’s #GetLacedUp campaign that was propelled by the microsite, . It was used to create a buzz around the upcoming launch of their product, the Nike Zoom Ites3.

2. They are used to inspire a call-to-action. Take for example, parallax-design based , developed to gain support for a US Congress legislative proposal. I highlighted the term ‘parallax-design’ because it is important for the goal of the microsite, i.e. the visitor is eventually led to two calls-to-action. There’s no navigation bar, and the visitor is driven to the call-of-action through the story of the raindrop. The visitor follows the water droplet to the very end.
Similarly, this call-to-action can be a tweet button, if you are raising awareness about a social issue.

3. These microsites are usually a single page, and as described in the previous point, don’t have a navigation bar. Visitors are driven to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

4. Since they are focussed on serving one purpose, they eliminate other distractions that come with a full website.

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