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Why Mobile Friendly Website Is Crucial For Your Business -

Why Mobile Friendly Website Is Crucial For Your Business

  • Posted On :February 9, 2015

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  • Written By : Shabana Gandhi

Here goes the most interesting fact; can the mobile friendly websites become an important part of the business? Listening about the platform for running the business seems to be quite interesting, further, an article can fill excitement to know about pros and cons along with worthy facts and figures. Today’s digital world has been more demanding for the access of web through mobiles as people don’t have to rush to their personal desktops and laptops immediately.

As per the statistics, in the past few years, many businesses have emerged out, that meet the daily demands of the people. Many e-commerce websites have been launched to their high standards and most of the websites are mobile friendly that really helps in influencing the business across the world.

The mobile friendly websites don’t mean that the websites should be clearly viewed on the mobile devices; it means that the user interfaces, designs, resolution, etc. are set keeping in the mind the number of users and mobile devices they use. If we calculate roughly the ratio of mobile users and mobile devices, it can certainly be found that the total number of mobile devices is exceeding the total number of mobile users (For Example: [assuming] every person has 2 mobile devices).

It can be said that the use of mobiles has certainly raised the size of the mobile market and most of the mobile owners and consumers prefer shopping in stores from mobiles only. Proper product information, related catalogs, discounted rates, services offered, etc. of our business can be 50% more fruitful in its growth if websites support mobile devices, as more than 70% people access the internet through their mobile phones.

It has been pre-assumed that by the Fiscal Year 2017, more than 85% of users will access the internet for any of the business-related matters through their mobiles.

Growing business with the greater impact of mobile-friendliness websites reflects that the customers are satisfied with what they expect from the website. Through the surveys completed, it has been noticed that consumers buy the product on the websites that are mobile friendly. The phenomenal mobile experience encourages the users to grow as the business partners with the organization to carry on the future proceedings.

Here are some interesting facts and figures
1. More than 4.8 billion people use mobile phones across the globe.
2. 75% of the total people are connected to their business through the mobiles.
3. Business is set-up for more than 500 million users on Facebook, thus making use of Facebook mobile.
4. More than 50% of the people are fond of only using mobiles for local searches rather than desktops/laptops.

The mobile friendliness of the website can also be checked through the mobile friendly testing tool. The imagination can be made in the real sense that how Google interprets the website in different resolutions. On a serious note, if you really want to grow your business in any of the sectors, make sure that your website should be mobile friendly so that the audience is increased and the overview design of the website should be amazing.

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