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Digital Marketing Agency In Delhi

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Services)

Building a site means drawing on reserves of money, energy and strength. When you raise your website by the sweat of your brow, why do you compromise its SEO? What good is a website when it does not reach its potential and existing customers? Our experts research what adwords are relevant to your site niche, study the traffic it’s getting, determine what mistakes you are making, and how your competitors are gaining from them. (Ouch!) We take pride in using organic and paid SEO techniques. Our aim is to optimize your domain in a way that users looking for goods/services you sell/provide find you, and get converted into clients.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC/Google Adwords)

Depressed because you can’t see your company on the first page of Google?

Try our cost per click advertising – works faster than therapy! With ‘eight’ new people starting to use the internet every ‘second’, if PPC is not the area to invest, then what is? As users search keywords related to your business on search engines, your ads are shown, proving the relevance of your brand! Not just Google or Bing, we also get advertisements published on the websites visited by your target market.

Social Media Marketing & Optimization (SMO/SMM)

(Since you spend most of your time Facebooking, we are not going to emphasise on the importance of this one!) FSC’s social media gurus manage your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google+ accounts, and optimize your performance. With our customised plans (Based upon your requirement.), we engage your audience, grow their numbers, build relationships with key influencers, and help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Online Reputation Management (ORM Services)

Facebook posts and comments… Tweets… Comments on posts… Angry customers and evil competitors can express their displeasure/ lie about your brand on any platform. (And chances are, if you are muttering, “Tell me about it!”, and wiping your sweating forehead, you are well aware!) Our online reputation managers maintain control over your brand image and protect it. They monitor all feedback, respond appropriately to your competitors’ dirty tricks campaigns, and help you handle complaints.

Content Marketing & Writing

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”Oscar Wilde Content by our self­proclaimed competitors works beautifully… to cure insomnia! (*Grins*) The difference is, they “generate” content, we “write” it. Our writers don’t create grammatically correct but boring articles and blog posts; they write pieces that evoke emotions. Meaningful writing engages audience and drives traffic. It is the need of the day with markets becoming resistant to marketing. We get your readers interested in your organisation.

Facebook Advertising & Marketing

Mark Zuckerberg’s work of labour (OK fine, Eduardo Saverin’s too!) had more than 1.44 billion monthly active users as of March ‘15! With so much humanity, FB is an excellent platform for B2C (Business To Consumer) promotion. We create pages & groups for your brand, and integrate with other social networking sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, for maximum reach. Widgets on your site would allow visitors to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, and share your content on their profiles. YouTube Advertising: (We know that a mention of “YouTube” invokes desire to watch movie trailers, but hold on! It also offers marketing benefits! *Sticks out tongue for the final time*) YouTube is the third most visited domain worldwide. Sharing videos with your market leaves a big impact on the audience’s memory. We help you increase the number of your subscribers and video hits.

Web Analytics

Working on a site is often like riding a rocking horse – it makes movement, but no progress! To determine what works and what does not, our SEM specialists use insightful analytics. This lets them measure the performance of your current campaign, and strategize to improve that of your next one. Understanding web data ­such as demographics (age and gender), channels (direct, organic search, social, etc.) and number of conversions – helps you save money by investing in ways that give you maximum returns!

Email Marketing

A Huffington Post article reported that emails connect 85% of the world! (Your jaw dropped into your chest, didn’t it? *Sticks out tongue*) Need we say more about its importance?

When a channel of communication is so vastly used, marketing through it is bound to be effective. Our creative graphic designers and emotive content writers create powerful emailer designs that don’t go unnoticed. They let you stay fresh in the minds of your existing customers too.

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