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UI UX Design Company In Delhi

Before we get deeper into what we do at FSC Pvt. Ltd., let us discuss what UX & UI are.

User Experience (UX Design)

Refers to user experience. UX is a lot more analytical & technical than UI. In lay man’s language, UX designers ensure that the product logically and smoothly flows from one step to another. They often conduct in-person user tests to check the behaviour of the user. They identify the issues, and work towards eliminating them to create the best user experience.

Product experiences start with UX, and are followed by UI.

User Interface (UI Design)

While UX designers deal with the experience the product provides, UI designers are concerned with the layout of the product. They design each page and guide the users through the product interface. The interface is enriched with visual assets to enhance a user’s experience. UI designing is somewhat similar to graphic designing.

At Futuristic Simplified Computing Pvt. Ltd., we understand that all of the research, development and content is no good if it is not presented in an attractive layout. We work to provide your users with the best UX, and your product with the best UI.

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