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Digital Marketing & Strategy

Want to boost your website’s rankings in search engine results, generate leads, and increase your revenue?
It all starts with our digital strategy, which our experts create, having conducted a thorough analysis of your website, understanding your requirements and competitors. Our digital marketing services consist of Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation
Management, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Facebook Advertising & YouTube Advertising.
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While UX, i.e., user experience deals with how the product feels, UI, i.e. user interface is concerned with the layout of the product. Our UX designers work on the feel of the product, paving way for our UI designers who work on the product layout. We work to provide your users with an attractive & responsive experience.
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Website Development

Are you missing the opportunity to earn revenue through the world wide web?
Our talented & experienced specialists are well‐versed with the latest technologies and remain constantly in touch with new industry trends. Whether it’s an e‐commerce website for your business, or a full‐fledged site for your organisation… a software solution or a portal, our wide range of development services at affordable rates are aimed at providing the best experience to your users. These are accompanied by creative & advanced designing, creation of interesting content, and server & security system configuration.
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Website Designing & Branding

At Futuristic Simplified Computing Pvt. Ltd., we provide brand consulting & brand awareness services, all based upon what separates you from the crowd. These are particularly important for newly‐launched companies, so that they can pose as big brands. Small brands can also stand out in the crowd. We do this by using a combination of SMM, SEO, pay per click campaigns & mobile marketing. Our well‐qualified experts take into consideration your brand engagement, target market, and the image you want to portray.
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Social Media & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The reason that your competitors have a social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest is a simple one ‐ they provide access to a huge market. Social Media Marketing improves visibility and helps increase brand awareness. With it right, you can divert huge ‘relevant’ traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimisation boosts your website’s rankings in search engine results on keywords relevant to your business.
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Responsive Website Design

For the layman, a responsive website is one that adapts its layout to fit any device, be it a PC, tablet or phone. Know why is one important? Because stunning statistics reveal that 40% of online mobile users turn to competitor’s site after an unsatisfactory mobile experience.More importantly, Google now ranks websites well in mobile search engine results only if they are mobile‐friendly, i.e. sites that are responsive and require a minimum of navigation, scrolling & panning.
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Ecommerce Development

We provide fully equipped shopping cart software, payment gateway integration, admin access to control the website from a single point and tools for adding, modifying & deleting categories and products. Our advanced programs analyze market income generation from the web store. The site is efficient and quick to load. Also very importantly, our e‐commerce websites meet all SEO factors and hence can attract massive traffic.
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Mobile Application Development (Mobile App)

Mobile apps introduce your business to a huge audience, including your potential market. They provide information about your brand, and allow users to instantly & directly connect with you. We develop applications for iPhone, Android & Windows phones. The applications are reliable, cost‐effective & have effective navigation. They are highly customized as per your requirement and take into consideration your business objectives & requirements. Our aim is revenue maximization.
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